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YATTERMAN NIGHT #1 — Special Review

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Tatsunoku has to have the most… adventurous approval board of any media company. We got the uber-nihilisticCASSHERN revival with SINS a couple years. Last year, they let the smartphonehipsters take GATCHAMAN and turn it into CROWDS. Now, they’ve pressed a NIGHTsubtitle on YATTERMAN and made probably the most obfuscating reinvention of it.

I’m not going to act like I was overly familiar withYATTERMAN prior to this. I remember him from the CAPCOM VS. TATSUNOKU combatantroster. I remember him being rather daring for fighting in a fashionable denimjumpsuit. A little searching makes it look like the series had more in commonwith the PERILS OF PENELOPE PIT STOP than the SUPER FRIENDS. In other words, itfocused on the villains (Doronjo and herlackeys) and the humor lied in how they were constantly being foiled bythese not-so-bright do-gooders.

That’s all easy to grasp. What’s harder to picture, though,is a revival series about Dick Dastardly’s young son growing up in isolatedisland sanctuary, in a world where the Ant Hill Gang has re-written history,and he’s trying to live up to his family legacy by becoming a hero. Because that’s what YATTERMAN NIGHT. I’d be the lastguy to poo-poo but… it just seems very, very meta for the franchise.

Then again, around the time CROWDS came out, there was alsoa live-action GATCHMAN movie that was truer to the spirit of the original. Same goes for CASSHERN SINS, come to think of it. So maybe there is some method to this madness. Mysearching reveals that there was a live-action YATTERMAN movie a little whileback that was similarly orthodox. I guess, by the sheer volume of materialthat’s “on message,” they can afford to get a little weird with NIGHT.

Watch this pilot and decide for yourself.

2 thoughts on “YATTERMAN NIGHT #1 — Special Review

  1. I believe Yatterman was one of Tatsunoku less serious series. So it interesting to see it being series with the bad guy angle.

  2. Do not know the original that well. Have heard of live action stuff based on it tho. But this anime as a stand along has a wonderful fairy tale quality. The heroes journey combined with a child like wonder that impressed me.

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