Friday, 23 Oct 2020

Toshima became the capital of East Asian culture in 2019

If you are looking at the 2019 anime and comics event, you must take a look at Tokyo’s Toshima District. It has been certified as the center of East Asian culture in 2019 and will host many events this year. Other cities that have been certified in Japan so far include Yokohama (2014), Niigata (2015), Nara (2016), Kyoto (2017) and Kanazawa (2018), making Toshima the sixth The Japanese city of the title “Capital”. East Asian culture. Let us introduce two events, which were introduced at the opening ceremony on February 1, 2019.

The first one is called “All Toshima Welcomes East Asia”. This is an exhibition of Toshima animations and comics from different artists. The theme is “Past, Present, Future”. Illustrations of Kazuhiko Shimamoto, Osamu Tezuka and Fujio Akatsuka will be on display, and Shinichi Suzuki and Norio Hikone will sit down and talk to other exciting things.

From February 1st to 11th, 2019, even the Toshima City Hall has become a special event anime and comic castle. In addition to Yoji Kuri, Sakao Saito, Machiko Satonaka, Fusanosuke Natsume and Kotobuki Shiriagari, many authors and researchers representing Japan have characteristics in video interviews and can only be seen there. In addition, you can see the special exhibition of Yoko Kuno active in various fields. Visitors who have participated in both exhibitions can participate in the “Opening Stamps Meeting” and receive special and clear documents as a reward.

As the East Asian Capital of Culture expects this year, anime also appears. seijinshiki. (age ceremony) of Toshima. ‘Anime Seijinshiki’ was held on January 14, 2019, and participants were allowed to wear cosplay to participate in the ceremony! This became a very exciting event when all new adults were welcomed by popular character clothing staff into the new phase of their lives. You can even take a commemorative photo with a professional role-player! Voice actor Kazuki Yao, from Franky. One Piece. Or Judau Ashta comes from. Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ. et al. hosted the ceremony. Mayumi Gojo shows. Pretty Cure‘s theme song and Tsuyoshi Matsubara show. Ultraman Cosmos. The theme song on the stage. This adult ceremony is full of creativity!

More events are held every month, so please pay attention to everything that happened in “East Asian Cultural Capital 2019 Toshima”!