The horrible new self of the Hulk is becoming part of a bigger, more sinister trend.
Image: Joe Bennett, RuyJosé and Paul Mounts (Marvel Comics).

Bruce Banner died at the height of the climax. Civil War II. And his return to the Hulk for a new ongoing series, Bruce found a smarter, more brutal Hulk to share his body. But this issue is beginning to affect not only Bruce.


The gamma radiation that transformed Bruce Banner into the Hulk many years ago has not only created a huge superhero, it is also a catalyst for dozens of gamma-driven characters, from villains like disgust, like She- A hero like Hulk.

For decades, Bruce’s accident has become a more transformative superman’s legacy. But now this tradition has revealed a dark shadow – death can’t stop these other ego, and seems to turn them into a stronger, more dominant version – what happened to José in Bruce on Al Ewing, Joe Bennett, Ruy’s page, Paul Mounts and Cory Petit’s. The Immortal Hulk. . Suddenly became more urgent after Bruce He himself. returned.

Instead of directly linking the recent changes of the Hulk directly to more prominent recent characters, such as Amadeus Cho (he recently managed to control his gamma power to Brawn instead of Totally Awesome Hulk), even the Bruce Hall Brother Jennifer Walters (they are almost dead. Civil War II), the last few questions. Immortal Hulk. Has begun to reveal this sinister connection between gamma heroes through some potentially more vague faces.


Jess Harrison’s-a.k.a The grim scene. Jailbait’s. seems to be dead. Immortal Hulk #3.
Image:Garry Brown and Paul Mounts.

So far, these related roles have included Hotshot and Jailbait – introduced in the early 90s as a member of Riot Squad. A gamma-radiation bomb exploded in Middletown, Arizona, and this week. Immortal Hulk. #4, Walter Langkowski, better known as Alpha Flight’s Sasquatch. Like these characters, they are all connected by the terrible vision of a bright green energy gate, related to their transformation into gamma-driven super elements.

Walter was not brought back to Bruce’s track because of his recent re-emergence, but by Jacqueline McGee, who has been chasing the Hulk since the most violent reunification of the series. In order to continue to follow the story of the return of the Hulk, Jackie followed Langkowski, a former college roommate of Bruce, who inspired Langkowski to work with the Canadian government and transform it before he became a Hulk. himself Enter Sasquatch. But Walter’s memories of his experimental transformation also included the same door, a gateway to the field of demons and beasts (one of them, Tanaraq, actually controlled Walter for a while).


Walter reflects on his former beast possession. Immortal Hulk. #4.
Image: Joe Bennett, RuyJosé, Paul Mounts and Cory Petit (Marvel Comics)

Whether or not a certain beast possesses a cruel tendency to promote the new discovery of the Hulk – or whether it is a force that affects every gamma-based hero, or at least some still remains to be seen, but it has clearly shown that What is on the other hand, it is responsible for making these gamma-related characters more immortal. During Walter and Jacqueline’s investigation into the whereabouts of Bruce, a stinging stab wound caused the former to bleed on the hospital’s desk, only to recover shortly after Sasquatch. Only this time, Walter does not seem to have the control he had previously touted to Jacqueline.

Oh dear.
Image: Joe Bennett, RuyJosé, Paul Mounts and Cory Petit (Marvel Comics).


This time, he became more like the new Hulk is smarter and more deadly than ever before. For decades, the Hulk and other characters like him have been regarded as time bombs. What happens when the internal monsters are out of control?

It seems that these bombs are finally starting to go out, and the question of who controls is no longer the real problem – now whether the real situation behind these characters can really stop.