Tuesday, 4 Aug 2020

The Battlestar Galactica game has a release date, the Giants have access to super-small, and more desktop news

Ares Games’. Battlestar Galactica: Starship Battles. .
Image:Ares Games.

Welcome back to the game rack, io9’s board game news, release, updates And. cool crowdfunding activities – focus on sci is usually -fi and fantasy Games. These past few weeks have been very important in micro games – from the new skirmish. King of War I made my own suit. Tiny Epic Mechs. . Here are some of the highlights we found this week.

News and Publishing.

Some new models. The King of War: Pioneer.
Photo: Mantic Games.


The King of War: The Vanguard. .

Pre-order is now available to Mantic’s long-awaited people. The King of War: Vanguard. Received funding on Kickstarter last year, Vanguard is a double miniature model game set in the same fantasy world. Kings of War. – This time, it’s easier to get for new players, which means it’s a small-scale skirmish, not a full-scale war. They are designed to be one-time tasks, but Vanguard is also compatible with larger ones. Kings of War games.

Fantastic Beast: The Dangerous Pursuit.

USAopoly’s latest news. Harry Potter. Universe board game, Magical Beast: The Dangerous Pursuit. , was postponed from the expected August 2018 release date, but is expected to be released soon. Players play the role of Newt Scamander, Tina or Queenie Goldstein or Jacob Kowalski, collecting dice to help them send all the beasts back to Newt’s suitcase, and Muggles grabs their wind. When it is released, it will cost less than $30.


Zombie War. . .

Tiny Battle Publishing’s hidden strategy game. Zombie War Is currently available for booking. This is a large-scale war game. On the edge of the zombie catastrophe, players play different social roles and achieve the goal of keeping others secret. For example, you can play a company trying to protect a trade center (for their own benefit), or as a zombie who wants to infect the city. Everyone has the possibility to screw up other people, no one is safeZombie War Will be available later this month.


Gothic Metal D20.

For those who want to add a small course on their RPG night, I saw this 3D printed metal D20 di from Majestic Trinkets and fell in love. It’s expensive (almost $80), but it’s mathematically balanced to ensure a fair game. It is Really. very. really Pretty. The site also has a bunch of other Gothic-style balance dice, which are also gorgeous.

Battlestar Galactica: Star Wars, Crime Chronicles.

As reported by The Gaming Gang, the God of War game’. Battlestar Galactica: Starship Fight. and Lucky Duck’s VR integration. Crime Chronicles. Both were given the November release date. InStarship Battles, the player plays the role of colony and Saron warrior, facing in battle and mission, revisiting the actual battle scene in the TV show Crime ChroniclesIt’s a problem-solving board game with several tasks; it integrates virtual reality using a simple VR headset included in the phone and game.



Some new gameplay. The Expanse. . The latest extension of .


Doors and Corners. (The Expanse).

WizKids is adding a bunch of new elements. The Expanse Board games, which include the atomic molecules themselves. Named after the second season,Doors and Corners contains five new modules that can be used and combined, but players can choose the main game. Modules include: Leaders, New Technologies, Resource Tokens, Variable Settings – and of course the legendary Atomic Bomb, which adds a new scoring opportunity. The expansion should begin in February 2019.

Heroes& Hexes ( pursuit El Dorado).

Reiner Knizia’s first extension. Quest for El Dorado. Add (in addition to the new suggested map settings) a very interesting risk and reward system game. According to Dice Tower News, players can add heroes and demons to the circuit, offer bonuses, magicians and even shortcuts… but the devil will pay the price, which means you may be severely cursed.


DC Comics Deck-Building Game.

Hell yeah, Batman Ninja. . Crytptozoid’s latest cross-package surrounds it. Batman Ninja An animated film, which came out earlier this year. This package is compatible. DC Comics Deck-Building Game, Heroes Unite, Forever Evil,and Teen Titans. Players play the role of Batman, Catwoman, Red Robin, Red Hat and Nightwing in the feudal Japanese era, as well as super villains that combine unique (and tough) challenges. As reported by the Dice Tower News:

Clown, penguin, poison ivy, death and double sided are the daimyos fighting from the giant castle in life. When the fifth super villain was defeated, the five castles merged into the last great challenge. The back of the Super-Villains forms part of a massive merged castle, The Joker’s head (of course).




Regular: Elemental Games.

Remember how happy the school was when the teacher asked the class to play the game? This is the strategy behind John Coveyou’s Genius Games, which aims to make science courses in chemistry and biology more accessible Periodic: The Elements of the Elements. Is the latest work of Coveyou, turning the periodic table into a game board and a strategy tool. Players try to use the game’s so-called “periodic trend” to fully manipulate, such as finding nearby elements with successively smaller atomic masses. But part of the game is also about discovering elements, although there is no actual chemical reaction Periodic: The Elements of the Elements. Has broken its Kickstarter goal, but you can still contribute and book the game by mid-October.

Tiny Epic Mechs

Tiny The latest game in the Epic series, Tiny Epic MechsIt’s an arena-style PvP game where players use structured power armor and mech combat to build around their characters – of course, all of them are tiny. I have played other games in the franchise, for example. Tiny Epic Quest,, they are very interesting. Just make sure you pay close attention to these pieces because they are very small and easy to lose Tiny Epic Mechs. has achieved the fundraising goal and will be aired on Kickstarter on October 6.


The Forest Hymn& picnic.

The Forest Hymn& picnic. is an easy role-playing game that draws inspiration from it. The Will In The Willows, Winnie the Pooh. , and December music (well, the last bit is a bit strange). The game takes place in a forest hymn, which can play the role of animal, human or ghost, “because they are in trouble in a strange forest.” It looks like a fun and sweet role-playing game with a calming nature. I mean, come on, you can win a dance competition at the county fair The Forest Hymn& picnic. will play on Kickstarter on October 8th.

Forgotten world.

Fireforge Games is launching a new fantasy model for war games or role-playing events called “The Forgotten World.” The company’s goal is to set up at least six different plastic boxes for the Forgotten World, starting with the Northmen and Living Dead starter kits. Fireforge is also working on a fantasy rule. Forgotten World, although this data can be used in a variety of campaignsForgotten World will start playing on Kickstarter on October 20.


Kill Merlin!

This is technically a family-friendly game (or at least 13 years old), but it is dedicated to friendly art. Murder. In. Kill Merlin! The player plays the role of a wizard and tries to pull the famous wizard to the most powerful magician on the land, because Merlin has become a jerk that hoards all the magic and spells. Of course, as the best way to compete with your fellow wizards, make a ruthless battle for the title of “the greatest mage on the land.” Kill Merlin! has been fully funded and will be released on Kickstarter on October 18.