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PARASYTE – THE MAXIM #24 — Watch & Learn

Uh-huh. I absolutely expected PARASYTE to tie off with a non-ending. No surprise there. Nothing to get angry about. I didn’t expect it to be this uneventful, though… woof.

The last, oh-so-meaningful shot of Planet Earth might as well be a big, circular Morse Code symbol – – representing the sound of a rim shot – – because the show’s final moments are that much of a punchline. I was laughing hysterically. By the time the coffee shop rock started playing over the closing credits, my cheeks were getting sore.

You look at the timecode, and wonder how 22 minutes of screen time can be filled up by so little. What happens? The first third is eaten up by the most meandering and nonsensical graduation speech. Shinichi and Migi have a long conversation about nothing, asking insipid questions like “What is humanity?” – – more desperate to be taken seriously than the kid who grabbed all the lowest-hanging Emerson soundbytes for his senior quotes.

Things get a little more exciting when the serial killer re-appears, but all excitement is quickly doused when he and Shinichi engage in philoso-babble and start punching the “What is humanity?” bell in the hopes that somebody will be impressed. Please don’t be fooled. Even when the show throws in the Discovery Channel montage, their conversation somehow manages to mean less than Shinichi’s vapid monologue over Goto’s corpse last time. When he muses about whether he should “impose human values on other species,” you aren’t hearing the thoughts of a three-dimensional character who believably evolved after he avenged his mother’s death.

No, you’re hearing pseudo-insight on level with the filibusterer a high school student padded his Philosophy 101 essay with in order to make the due date after a cram session. I hope somebody else comes along and rips this show off so the premise can actually be explored to its fullest potential. This show listlessly slept it off.

Watch this episode and decide for yourself, then read my thoughts on the previous episode.

3 thoughts on “PARASYTE – THE MAXIM #24 — Watch & Learn

  1. Yeah, what can i say… in this episode the philosophy is delivered very poorly and it keeps beating you over the head and just does not match the consistency it had from the source material
    The real problem in this show has really been how they have handled Shinichi – in the manga version his personality and motivation is more consistent and he always has a much more verbal say with his philosophy and as a result all the reflection and introspection does not come off so half backed and preachy as in contrast to when he speaks such things in this anime version. For this anime version it looks like they decided to keep the parasites more on the philosophy tip and leave Shinichi as the waffling high school kid running around just
    to situations in a panic… i assume they thought this would make his character seem more human but in fact, for me he just sticks out like a sore thumb and was quite an annoying protagonist…particularly from the halfway mark onwards… and then when you throw in his girlfriend murano… you got double the disappointment and that is HALF of what the focus of the show is on
    For the record, storywise they hardly changed anything from the manga at it’s core but the things they did change just makes the show a whole lot more duller and underwhelming which i find very surprising…
    The philosophy is good food for thought and the manga executed it well…. so well actually, even this non-endimg made me feel more somber than lacking – but this anime version was a bit eye-rolling to be honest and overall i’m just disappointed that somewhere in the middle they seriously dropped the ball because Shinichi’s character is actually pretty interesting in the manga story but here he really comes off very generic and not interesting at all as the focal character
    would have made a better ending tbh and the manga
    hinted that was
    the case but that really wasn’t the point of the story anyhow
    Who’s the monster is the basic question.. as well as the value of life etc etc… well executed in the manga but here… again very very mediocre
    but saying all that negative isht….. this show is still better than a lot of the anime in recent times.. and Tom, when you pick up another title for Watch and Learn.. which i even see you have trouble finding a worthy choice (
    ) you will once again be reminded there is actually a lot worst out there nowadays
    Not much of a consolation but hey…. thats how i see things right now
    You won’t hear me calling this a terrible show but it didn’t live up to its potential or source material…. sadly

  2. Overall, the anime was decent, with a decent ending. It does try to get too preachy, when nobody care and I wanted her to die god dammit. Oh well, happy ending is happy I guess.

  3. The last episode was part expected, part tying up loose ends to a degree, and part are we done almost getting the girlfriend killed and repeating questions. Overall the series was very good.

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