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You’ve really got to question wherethe boundaries of trademark infringement actually lie. Even if you somehow didn’t hear the newvillains referring to each other as “Oingo” and “Boingo” in the last scene (clearly-spoken, and without accents, no less),there’s no way you’re missing the book with their names written on it because… it’s written in English. At that point, doeschanging their names in the sub-titles actually cover anybody’s ass in theevent when, for some unfathomable reason, Danny Elfman and the boys decide toget up and defend the brand integrity of a New Wave band that’s been broken upfor 20 years? The trademark infringement is still there. On screen. And spokenrepeatedly.

Honestly, I’d prefer to think thetranslation team is just having too much fun coming up with coy Roman a Clefsthat they’re doing it even when it isn’t necessary. I get a feeling these newnames reference some obscurer deep cut from the Oingo Boingo catalog – – andthey’re real proud of themselves for finding it.

Anyway, despite my gripes about theshow feeling like more of the same last time, this episode is just a delightfulreturn to form, reminding you why you fell in love with Jojo’s in the firstplace. There’s just a wonderfully visceral escalation of absurdity, as theStardust Crusaders deduce their new foe’s abilities, act on apparent weaknessesand are then thwarted by his counter-strategizing. It might be the only showwhere breathless on-the-nose dialog breaking down fact tactics is actually partof the charm, and the endless deathbed confession at the end might be one ofthe best camp gags ever seen in the show.

In hindsight, though, this doesbolster my observation that the show’s biggest weakness is that the mangachapters can’t be broken up smoothly in the page-to-frame transition. This ismaybe the fourth or fifth time where the second half of a two-parter has madeup for the sluggish first half.

Watch “Iggy the Fool and Geb’s N’doul, Part 2” and decide for yourself, then read my thoughts on the previous episode.

2 thoughts on “JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE – BATTLE IN EGYPT #2 — Watch & Learn

  1. Glad it seems to be getting better if not up to first two season’s heights. Questions on the trademark infringement stuff as that is the law I study (well Intellectual property but Trademark is part of that). Were these the singers names or the groups name? The groups name I expect is trademarked but if it is no longer used in commerce no one could sue over it. Now if you can buy the bands back catalog somewhere that might be enough use. Still – as it is used here in new art I think they would have a fair use/parody defense. They would have to go to court to defend it though and may very well not want to. But if the AMVs we all love are fair use than this certainly should be.
    The more “famous” bands they might need to be more careful of because of something called dilution by tarnishment. These would be the bands they used in the first two seasons mostly the classic rock ones. The idea would be that by giving the names to enemies (like Dio) they are “tarnishing” the famous bands trademark. Disney is suing deadmouse for that currently I think (or they could be at least). But the band would need to be able to prove they were as famous as Disney to be able to win really.
    If what they are using are the personal names then things get more complicated. You would need to get into privacy torts disclosure of private facts really wouldn’t work here. Might have a right of publicity claim (Winter v. D.C. Comics being the closest case I know of) both of these though would be state law and thus different depending on the state.
    And wow was that more than you probably ever wanted on this. I could go into more and do a larger analysis of the use in the show as a whole but time would be an issue and I doubt anyone would have an interest heh.

  2. The “new” (it was used by Viz for the manga, as well) name for Oingo and Boingo in the subtitles is the third album by The Police, Zenyatta Mondatta. Which is funny because there’s a minor character in part 7 who is named that as well.

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