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Good, old reliable JOJO’s. Just as PARASYTE insists on taking a couple extra spins around the toilet bowl before it slides down the drain, this show continues to make me smile until my cheeks ache. Any time I’ve ever complained about JOJO’s, it’s almost always been during the set-up of a two-parter, and it’s most always been remedied by the second half.

This episode makes such effective use of music – you really do feel like it’s a poker game for the fate of the world. Hell, it does that deadly bar game conceit better than DEATH PARADE, and makes you realize how many shows neglect such an important part of the audio/visual experience. The music is constantly swelling, keeping the drama at an absolute fever pitch throughout. It never, ever lets up.

Before I get on board the praise train again, though, I’ve got to take a minute to marvel, and chuckle, about Japan’s approach to censorship in media. Certainly, I’ve seen extreme gore get blacked out, plenty of times before. And I’ve obviously heard about the bizarre practice of pixelating naughty parts in Japanese porn. This show’s taken that approach to the, uh… turds which have show up before. But this is the first time I’ve seen it applied to drug usage.

Yes, if you were wondering why a shadow suddenly fell on the bottom half of Jojo #3’s face… it’s because he was smoking! The funny part is that it’s so ridiculous, it actually seem like it’s part of the gag. Think that’s a bizarre way to cover up something objectionable? Well, look at the title.

As for the episode itself, I’m kind-of surprised that it’s taken this long for Star Platinum’s “precision” abilities to be referenced again. Considering how that was mentioned before the Stand’s ostensible telekinesis was discussed, you’d figure it would come up more often. But I’ve learned not to ask such questions of this show. It just doesn’t fit the fun.

Watch this episode and decide for yourself, then read my thoughts on the previous episode.

3 thoughts on “JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE – BATTLE IN EGYPT #11 — Watch & Learn

  1. I like how, despite being a cheater, D’arby ultimately lost because he couldn’t handle someone not playing by the “rules”. How dare Jotaro not look at his cards! You’re playing poker, you’re supposed to look at your cards!
    This is really the start of Araki using Stands as something that just raises the stakes when encountering another Stand User, as opposed to just being a direct Stand vs Stand fight. Osiris was a looming entity over the game being played, but it’s only effects were psychological, unless you actually lose, and Star Platinum’s usage didn’t rely on it being the better puncher.

  2. Whenever it comes to speed, I feel like abilities like memorizing a whole deck of cards fits. Stuff like stretching fingers? Eh, this is where Star Platinum is in danger of reaching Superman status, where it could move planets if the story calls for it. The series keeps a tighter reign on just making up abilities that don’t fit, though.

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