Friday, 23 Oct 2020

GTO #1 — Retro Review

Ever since Alexei talked this up onthe Vice Pit, I’ve been dying to watch it for myself. The prospect of a show absurdlycranking up the familiar Tough Teacher formula of TO SIR WITH LOVE, DANGEROUSMINDS, et al, is impossible to resist. The scenes just write themselves.All you have to do is close your eyes and picture this ex-biker karate championshowing the punks in his classroom who the real tough guy is…

Well, that gratification of thatdesire was a little delayed. For some reason, the show hasn’t been available onany legal streaming services. Only the live-action show — and who wants to watch that?

Needless to say, I hopped intoaction as soon as I saw GTO listed on CrunchyRoll and… then got an immediate possible answer for why the series hasn’t been available. Isuppose it should’ve been obvious, but I definitely wasn’t expecting the firstepisode to revolve around GTO creeping on his students, and constantlycalculating how old he can be and still get away with dating 16-year-olds. Yesyes yes… I’m aware that the age of consent is lower in Japan. It’s still weirdto open the show with GTO getting an eyeful of some upskirt at the mall whilehe’s making the most lemon-squeezy O-Face ever animated.

I suppose the cultural comedydifferences extend beyond that. Once our boy gets around to throwing somestreet justice on the punks in his classroom, it isn’t well-timed slapstick, like him just backhanding some chud down into his desk. It’s a really obfuscatinggag where he calls his biker buddies in to… tie them up? It also stretchescredulity a little that this big badass would just let a bunch of kids get awaywith photos of him in a compromising position while they’re still in his living room.

I’m sure GTO goes through a hilarious character arc after this. Maybe I just had too much time toplot my own version of this premise. I’m not so stoked to check out the rest ofthe series, now, though.

Watch this pilot and decide for yourself.

4 thoughts on “GTO #1 — Retro Review

  1. I remember this show being announced for Crunchyroll back in Anime Expo 2014. Sam was pretty excited from what I recalled back on Vice Pit. I watched the first episode and it made me feel weird especially the teacher peeping on girls and wanting a 16 year old bride. Then, you have Nana flashing the teacher as a goodbye gift.
    If you put that aside all the questionable stuff, it’s was an entertaining show. I don’t think I recommend this show except for those who don’t mind that stuff. I think I know where Soul Eater get their weird faces from.
    I think I want to see how this guy became a delinquent. That would be probably a better show to watch.

  2. Funny you should bring that up Taka as they did make a prequel manga many fans have wanted to see an anime adaptation of –
    – haven’t heard much about it in terms of reviews… and they also did do a short
    to the series as well…. again didn’t hear much fanfare about either which is probably why we didn’t see any further anime releases but my experience with GTO is it was a lil weird at the start but picks up and is quite entertaining… but in no way really believable… more of a cool teacher fantasy i had alot of fun with… and possibly one of the coolest anime openings of all time

  3. There is a prequel manga you could check out if you’re more interested in Onizuka’s delinquent days

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