Friday, 23 Oct 2020

Doomsday Patrol: A Guide to Missing Heroes in the DC Universe

Doom Patrol. . . is a strange team to perform. At this point ,they may be best known because they started the career of the Beast Boy and died. Repeatedly. But they are a big deal in terms of continuity and artifacts in the history of comics. Why? Ok ,you are not happy, we are here to tell you!

The strangest hero in the world is a group of intensive, intricate heroes, but we have checked them carefully and are happy to introduce you before they arrive at DC Universe.


Arnold Drake, Bob Haney and Bruno Premiani are at. Doom Patrol was introduced in My Greatest Adventure. 1963. Titans. . . did an amazingly good summary of Doom Patrol. In the introduction of their collection. They are geeks, people with strange gifts, their ability to make them not like international heroes like Justice League, but a group of eccentric strangers. When they were launched in 1963, the slogan was “…the strangest hero in the world”, which is accurate. This is not a square superman team fighting for justice: it is a robot with a racing driver’s mind, and a robot that can shoot his radioactive soul from his chest to the bad guy.

They are as popular as you expect: the team has more than 40 questions before being canceled. Drake, who seems to have cancelled the book, and the strange resemblance of the X-Men (they arrived after the Doomsday patrol, which should be noticed) seems to be a kind of awkwardness that kills everyone Everyone. .

This book didn’t do much better in the next two trots: an almost new team appeared in the late 1970s and didn’t get any praise, and only after that. Unlimited crisis on earth. In the late 80s. This was two things in the 1980s that allowed Doom Patrol to retain the rest of the comic history in the public eye: Marv Wolfman and George Perez integrated Beast Boy, his Doom Patrol history and some of his colleagues into the Junior Titan; DC was tired of another bad sales, letting Doom Patrol restart and heading in a different direction.

Beginning with Volume 2, Issue 19 (posts. Crisis Edition), Grant Morrison and Richard Case took over. Doom PatrolThis book, as well as like. Animal Man, Sandman, Hellblazer. ,with. Swap Thing’s Saga. (among others) is responsible for the birth of Vertigo, a mature reader/semi-creator with a highly influential DC book series. Morrison’s run was impressive because it was influential, and only its direct follow-up (by Rachel Polak) and a re-attempt has made significant achievements. In 2016, former DC comic intern Gerard Way (acclaimed as the lead singer of My Chemical Romance) launched Young Animal, a series of comics, including him and Nick Derington, who are the spirit and serial successors of Morrison. Pollack, ran away.


Your TV Doom Patrol members include:

– Robotman – Cliff Steele, a racing driver, his body was destroyed during the Indy 500. His brain was put into the robot body by the chieftain, and now he has a lot of powers of various robots, such as self-healing and super strength.

– Negative man – Larry Treynor, a radiation test pilot who can shoot his radioactive soul. A radioactive soul can fly, cause an explosion, and become an invisible, typical soul material.

– Elastigirl – Rita Farr is a gold swimmer and actress who is exposed to strange volcanic gases during filming, giving her the ability to grow or shrink. She thinks this makes her strange.

– Crazy Jane – Kay Challis has 64 personalities, each with different super powers. She is basically a legion.

– Chieftain – Niels Calder is a wheelchair genius and a jerk.

– Beast Boy – Garfield Logan leaves Doom Patrol to join Dick Grayson’s team. Titans, but before that, he became a rare disease in Africa as a child. In order to cure it, his father injected him with a serum to make him an immune monkey for a while, and the disease It will disappear on its own. His parents later passed away. He may be better.

– Cyborg – The only member of the upcoming show that has nothing to do with Doom Patrol, Victor Stone has caused terrible damage to his body… different things are based on continuity (now it’s a Mother box accident), he was turned into a semi-mechanical by his genius scientist father. Vic is the mainstay of the Teen Titan, and he has been a founding member of the Justice League since the relaunch of the new 52.

Other notable members include:

-Mento – Steve Dayton is very rich, so he did anything that rich people might do: spent a lot of money on a strange helmet to give him the power of the heart so he can give an actress Impressed. It turned out to be effective, he eventually married Elastigirl and adopted a beast boy.

-Dorothy Spinner – Dorothy’s physical deformity makes her look like a chimpanzee, so she was not particularly social when she was young. It was there that she discovered the power to make her imaginary friends real.

-Danny the Street – literally means a street with feelings.

-Flex Mentallo–A 98-pound weak, he gains the power of the muscle puzzle, and if he yields in some way, he will rewrite the reality.

-Ambush Bug – Irwin Schwab is a transmitter. He knows he is a comic character and may be the most common part of other famous members.


The main villain of the Doomsday Guard is the Brotherhood of Evil. The brain, an invisible brain in a jar, is taking revenge on the chief… Well, it is actually very reasonable. The chief tried to kill the brain so he could put his brain on the robot. The chief is very confused.

He joined the team with Monseiur Mallah, a super gorilla with giant machine guns and berets; Ms. Rouge, a deformed elastic lady; Animal-Vegetable-Mineral man, can carry any part of the body Become an animal, plant or mineral; General Immortus, a semi-immortal general, mastering the tactics that the world cannot see; and General Zahl, former Captain U-Boat.

Later, the incarnation of Doom Patrol would be like a fraternity against the changes in brotherhood. The crazy anarchists stole a painting and they trapped the city of Paris. They also fought against Red Jack. With the power of God, he thought he was Jack the Ripper, and tortured the butterfly all day in a hidden realm. They also faced Orquith’s Scissormen, who cut off the reality.


Titans Of course. The strange team appeared several times in DC Universe’s flagship series and then announced that they had split themselves.

Teen Titans. – Doom Patrol is part of the incredible TV background story of the 5th season of the predecessors. Teen Titans GO! The complete patrol crossed the Titans in the first two episodes of Season 5, and the Evil Brotherhood was the primary villain of the season.

Batman: The Brave & bold. The patrol died to help Batman defeat the evil brotherhood.

Young Justice: Outsider. . You really need to see it believe in it.

-inexplicably will never be in video games, although Negative Man is basically Noob Saibot and will not be so difficult to enter the stage. Injustice 2 Danny the Street. Or, if they are really ambitious, they will have a place in the paintings of Paris.


The Original Doom Patrol: Drake / Haney / Premiani run can be used as a comprehensive version or DC Universe. This will give you a good foundation for the team, their world and the quirky tastes that will define them. You can find this complex on Amazon.

Doom Patrol Author: Grant Morrison (Grant Morrison) – this is their strange and influential source, almost certainly the most important reading. Morrison and Richard Case introduced the relationship between Crazy Jane, Red Jack, Danny, Scissormen, Beard Hunter, Dada Brotherhood, Marlah and Brain. This run is a 30-year definition of Doom Patrol. It runs entirely on the DC Universe and you can find it on Amazon.

Doom Patrol Author: Rachel Pollack – if you can find it, make it. Pollack accepted the concepts introduced by Morrison and studied them in depth. These issues are scanned and online, but not on the DC Universe and are not collected in print.

hasn’t been in the next 20 years – John Byn and John Akudi have tried to re-launch the book as a more traditional superhero book, but none of them worked. The team has appeared several times. Justice League, but these looks often match the tone of the cross book, not the spirit of Doom Patrol.

Gerard Way and Nick Derington’s relaunch. Doom PatrolVery consistent with the running of Morrison and Pollack. It feels like a direct sequel, filtered by Way’s Sensitivity: Click on the same theme, but a bit shallower, more bubble gum pops (rather than Morrison’s storytelling in a Westtal style that listens to someone playing sour). Although Derington’s art is great, it is definitely the best. A large part of it is on the DC Universe and you can also buy it on Amazon.

Doom Patrol premiered on DC Universe on February 15th.