Friday, 23 Oct 2020

[Cosplayer] 2019 Magic Festival – Winter: Focus on Hatsune Miku

We are friends at Anime! Anime! Visited the 2019 Magic Festival – Winter Exhibition and Sales Event at the Makuhari International Exhibition Center in Chiba on February 10, 2019. A lot of people were exhibited, and your GSR corner was displayed at the booth of a wonderful hobby life. The car sponsor 2019 shooting conference attracted much attention for its beautiful Hatsune Miku cosplayer
In the same corner, Goodsmile Racing promotes their motorsport project, the Hatsune Miku GT Project, with the concept of a racing team that drives with fans.

The machine uses ‘Hatsune Miku Racing Vers, produced by Shopmile Racing. ‘Illustration, and has been used as a trademark since 2008. These cars ranked the highest in Japan’s Super GT GT300 class. In 2011, 2014 and 2017 shine as champions.The biggest feature of the

Project is that every fan can directly support the team because of the personal sponsor system. Thanks to these individual sponsors around the world, the team can participate every year.

On the same day, “Racing Miku 2019” promoted its bicycle clothing by selling T-shirts, delivery boxes and other new items. They also showed some numbers of Hatsune Miku and promoted sports events for character fans named Character Enduro 2019.

In addition, the HMR road bike No.2 HMR711 produced by Goodsmile Racing was also exhibited. Before they revealed the bicycle, Miku cosplayer Yu wore Racing Miku 2019’s cycling trousers and replied to the photo request and took the photo of “Racing Miku sponsor 2019”.

■Cosplayer Yu.

■ Racing Miku sponsor 2019.

Manae Miyakoshi @manae_miyakoshi (left), Tsukasa Arai @ 22tuttu (leader/middle), @kagua_kirara (newcomer) / right).

Photographer: Hanmo (@nigellizhe).
Text: @Osefly.