Friday, 23 Oct 2020

BLEACH Ch. 618 Review

To confront the devil Yhwach, Captain Shunsui offers a deal with the devil everyone in the Soul Society both knows and fears.

The Good

Would you like to play a game?

Okay, I’m so pleased to see that Shunsui didn’t go into this negotiation with Aizen waving all the keys in front of him without any level of precaution. I do have to say, hiding the remaining keys into his own chest is rather extreme. Although, it’s justified when dealing with a man who can so easily manipulate your perception. Jigsaw would be proud of that move.

I also have to applaud the heroes up in the Reiokyu for finally starting to take some action. They’ve been standing around for too long just letting Yhwach have his way.

The Bad

I find it incredible hard to believe that these guards are stupid enough to just leap into the danger zone so carelessly. This is your BLEACHequivalent of a red shirt. Some moron who puts himself in danger as a plot device to showcase some danger for the sake of the audience. Sure, this could have been explained in the dialog, but isn’t it far more entertaining to actually see this effect in action?

Verdict 3/5

This is largely a descent chapter, but the lack of forward momentum is what holds it back from being anything special. You’re getting some nice story and a taste of action. Here’s hoping that this means the Reiokyu side of the story will start picking up. The discrepancy between both fronts of the story as far as pacing goes has really been taking its toll in recent weeks.

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1 thought on “BLEACH Ch. 618 Review

  1. I guess I didn’t understand the key thing. Wouldn’t it have been better to just NOT bring the key and only release Aizen after he agreed to help? Also, if the key is still physical inside of Shunsui’s body, why would the gate be sealed forever? Aizen could get the key and unlock the door. I missed something.

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