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axisVFX combines VFX with the freeze on ‘early people’

Best friends Dug andHognob protect their home from Lord Nooth in Aardman’s freeze action “early man” because axisVFX works in 1,350 shots.

LONDON – axisVFX is the visual effects department of Axis Studios and the creator of high-end CG images for TV and film projects, shooting 1,350 photo action epics in the latest 13-month Aardman Animations stop. Early people. .

This work includes a dramatic prelude to the film, an epic stadium shot, a moody wasteland, lava, fire and water effects.

Set in the morning of time, Early men. tells the story of the brave caveman, Dud (Eddie Redmayne) and his best friend, Hognob, because they unite their tribes on the powerful villain Lord Nooth (Tom Hiddleston) Save their home and face each other in a football game where the winners are eating.

As the main VFX studio Early people. , axisVFX is responsible for V350 from start to finish. The second shot. More than 50 people participated, contributed 8 months of research and development and pre-production, and then entered the final shooting list. AxisVFX uses the physical puppet of the film and the stop action attribute of the construction environment in its work, seamlessly integrating Aardman CG and Puppet World. Axis Studios’ Glasgow headquarters also contributed to providing complementary rendering support and simulation expertise.

Early People Seeing that axisVFX continues to build long-term relationships with Aardman, working I have worked together before. Shaun the Sheep Movie and Shaun the Sheep: The Farmer’s Llamas. Co-founder of axisVFX VFX Supervisor Howard Jones is also a synthetic leader. The Pirates! In the adventure with scientists. Both studios are located in Bristol, they enjoy a constant creative dialogue Early People , Weekly meetings to ensure that VFX and freeze elements work together seamlessly.

Early men. The prologue of Gives axisVFX the opportunity to further demonstrate its skills and try new technologies,” Jones Say. “It’s great to work with Aardman again. It’s great to see Bristol continue to grow into a creative center and provide amazing projects to support the wider UK industry.”

“AxisVFX did an excellent job for us The work of VFX works in perfect harmony with the look of our world of prehistoric and bronze ages – working under the very tough pressure of our tight delivery dates,” said Tom Barnes, Technical Director of Aardman Animations. .

axisVFX Contribution There are three main stadium sequences, including about 20 minutes Early Humans Running Time..

Aardman Studio has several football fields surrounded by With a green screen, there is a scale model of the entire village, stadium and surrounding cliffs. The mission of axisVFX is to digitally expand the stadium and create a reactive digital crowd of 20,000 spectators – this visual effect takes a lot of time to achieve Stop exercising.

Aardman created 40 digital characters – each character has 25 animated variants – then axisVFX is used to fill the stadium stands.The

live video reference was provided by director Nick Parker to drive the animation of the crowd, ensuring that axisVFX fits his vision.

axisvfx also creates virtual grasses and defines the ambience of each sequence, building layers of smoke, fog and light to help the stadium scale and ensure the consistency of the stadium sequence, matching colors, ambience and lighting.

The virtual reality version of the stadium was built by Aardman, enabling the director to enter the space on a large scale and communicate asset allocation and perspective within the scene. This is the starting point for axisVFX to work in the stadium.

Early Man Led the audience to the journey of the dinosaur demise, with axisVFX enhanced with CG.

The sequence begins with the CG lens of the Moon and Planet Earth about 50 million years before BC. Then witness the dinosaur’s shot in the background of the falling meteor. AxisVFX created the meteor and its tail and the resulting cosmic explosion.

After the Meteor, the axisVFX artist added CG Fire and Smoke to the Aardman set. In other sequences, axisVFX created bubbling lava, and characters jumped on floating coal and geysers, spraying CG water into the air. The axisVFX team ensures that the rhythms and movements of these simulations are in sync with the stopping motion of the movie.

Source: axisVFX.

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