Friday, 23 Oct 2020

Anime Vice Transforms

Anime Vice begins a new transformation today…

We’re shifting focus to our YouTube channel. With the help of our comrades at the CineFix network, I’ll be writing, producing and hosting a weekly schedule of anime-themed videos going forward. I’m so stoked to work with such a creative crew of professional camera people, editors, voice actors and producers. That rad AKIRA – WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? video I did with Cruz, Casey and Truly today is my first collaboration with these folks, and I can’t wait to show you Vicers what we’re cooking up next.

If you’ve enjoyed what we’ve gotten to do in 300 odd episodes of the Vice Pit over the years then, trust me, we’re seriously leveling up today – – jumping straight to Super Saiyan.

Unfortunately, the site itself will be discontinuing.

While will go dark on April 8th, the Anime Vice community will continue to live on. I’ve already been working with our mods to transfer wiki entries over to You’ve all done such great work here. I’m hoping we can preserve as much of it as we can. Thankfully, we’ll be getting a couple weeks to do so.

The mods and I are also discussing options for other places to continue the blogs and boards. Anime Vice’s Facebook and Twitter (as well as the Anime Vicers fan Twitter) will be much more active, now, so please subscribe for community updates. We’re going to continue spotlighting the Vicers in these new videos, and we’ll actually be able to give back to you guys directly, too. Yes, we’re talking about some very spiffy contests and giveaways. Stay tuned.

Today’s PARASYTE write-up is my last for the site. I didn’t plan for WATCH & LEARN to end so cleanly with that series’ final episode. It’s honestly a coincidence – – one of several hovering around this transformation.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve hopefully noticed that I’ve been writing comics and cartoons throughout my time here. As my career in those areas has picked up, it’s become much harder to balance that writing with my writing here. I actually just started working on a new animated series this month. And before I met with the CineFix team, it was looking like I’d have to step away from Anime Vice entirely as a result.

My time as the Shogun here has always felt like an epic masters program in storytelling. Day in, day out, I’ve picked these shows apart. I’ve noted what worked, and what didn’t. I’ve theorized on why an anime’s quality ever swung one or the other. And most importantly, I’ve compared my findings with the expert reactions you’ve all offered up for every title, in every post. It’s been absolutely invaluable. Whatever stories I write going forward will be shaped by what I’ve learned here. From all this anime and manga. From you.

I looked forward to applying these lessons to my own books and shows. Now, I’m doubly excited: because I’ll be getting to do that while I continue making cool content for Anime Vice. With the CineFix team, I have more time to make bigger videos.

So, one epic Anime Vice arc concludes while another arc begins. I’ve been the Shogun for three years, now. And I’ve been blogging and vloging for the site since two years before that. It’s been a fantastic opportunity, watching anime and then writing or talking about it almost every day.

There are so many people I want to thank…

The users who’ve kept commenting on posts, talking in the forums, writing blogs, adding to the wiki and, best of all, celebrating each other’s contributions. We’ve always such a real, positive and supportive community.

The writers I’ve gotten to work with. Each one brought sharp perspective, and gave an eclectic variety of voices to the site. They’ve made my experience as an editor so fun.

My regular and semi-regular co-hosts on the Vice Pit. Jawing on that show has been my favorite part of this job, and I’ve been lucky to have pals ready and able to go off on any wild tangent with me.

And, of course, the staff who built the site and trusted me to run it for all this time.

While this isn’t the end of Anime Vice, I want these final days of to be a celebration of the people who matter most here – – you. The users. The mods. The Vicers. The Lunatics. This community is truly what’s made Anime Vice special, and I’ll be paying tribute to you guys in my own special way before we sign off. Stay tuned.

It’s going to take us a little while to get this new machine rolling. While we hash out our plans for new videos, I’d love it if you Vicers could fill the talkback below with suggestions.

Check out the old episodes of the Vice Pit – are there any topics or segments you’d like us to revist?

Sample the great content at CineFix – do any formats there seem like they’d work for anime? Which titles?

Let us know. Let us know. Let us know. We’re listening. We’re open to ideas. I’m only ever as far as Tumblr and Twitter. And we’re eager to involve you as much as we can in the next step of this transformation.

That’s allI I’ve got to say for now. I’m honored that you’ve let me be your Shogun for all these years.

And I hope you’ll level up with me.

5 thoughts on “Anime Vice Transforms

  1. For anyone who needs help, I posted a
    . I will help folks to back up their reviews and wiki.
    It’s sad to hear this site is shutting down. I had a lot of memories working in the wiki and then getting introduced to the various sub communities we had in the site back in 2013. Our story isn’t ending here. We still have Anime Vice in our hearts.
    Thanks to the Tom and the rest of staff for their hard work. Thanks to my teammates in the wiki for being awesome.

  2. april 8th will be sad day for all us,that mean no more for me making more respect thread any longer

  3. Will some mod members be given staff level attributes when the other staff leave? They can keep it alive for the people who still enjoy the site.

  4. I think the main problem here would be funding. Keeping a server of this class must cost serious bucks.

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