Friday, 23 Oct 2020

8 you don’t know the original anime has a great comic mix

Comic anime and light novels to comics are two of the most popular adaptations in the industry. However, sometimes the original anime will receive a comic adaptation.

Most of these works are promotional partners that can be used as a quick preview, while others are very faithful adaptations. They serve their purpose, but many fans believe that the animation to comic adaptation will be downgraded due to lack of dubbing and action. But not these works! These adaptations either extend the story of the anime, either an interesting retelling or a new perspective.

1. Neon Genesis Evangelion. .

Mangaka: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto.

Genre: Action / Drama / Mecha / Psychological.

Chapters: 9 7

Quick Pitch: Neon Genesis Evangelion Is one of the most extreme animated to comic adaptations. Comics should start shortly before the animation to help build the hype, but the production of animation delayed the destruction of these plans.

The comics do have some major changes in the relationship between actors and the number of angels they have to fight, but the core story is basically intact. However, fans may appreciate deeper background stories and clearer motivations.

2 Shirobako: Kaminoyama High School Animation Club.

Mangaka: Kenji Sugihara (Story) / Mizutama (Art).

Types of: Comedy/drama.

Chapter: 8

Quick Pitch : This is a prequel that explains how the main actors met in high school and first came up with their dream of creating anime. Ema, the shy key animator, is the protagonist, and her beautiful paintings sparked an idea in Aoi’s heart.

3 Plastic Memory: Say goodbye to goodbye.

Mangaka: Yuuyuu.

Types of: Drama/Science Fiction.

Chapter: 20

Quick Pitch: Plastic Memories: Say goodbye. Follow Michiru and her partner Zack. The comics sneaked into Michiru’s background story and explained her indifference to Tsukasa.

4 The Garden of Words.

Mangaka: Midori Motohashi.

Types of: Drama/Romantic/Life Movies.

Chapter: 7

Quick Pitch: Motohashi’s adaptation is a film that is faithful to Makoto Shinkai. It is amazing how art can capture the movie. However, comics do have different endings, which brings a different perspective to the theme of the story.

5 Darkness than black: Shikkoku no Hana.

Mangaka: Yuji Iwahara.

Genre: Action / Drama / Science Fiction / Supernatural.

Chapters: 33

Quick Pitch: Darkness than black: Shikkoku no Hana. occurred in the original animation one year later and completely replaced it. The second season of events. ! It’s like Iwahara was given a reset button, he used to focus on Hei and Yin to investigate how people get the power of similar contractors.

6 Psycho-Pass: Inspector Shinya Kogami.

Mangaka: Midori Gotou (Story) / Natsuo Sai (Art).

Types of: Police program / science fiction.

Chapter: 35

Quick Pitch: Take Kogami as a prequel to the rookie inspector who joined the third division. In addition to Tomomi Masaoka, all Kogami colleagues are new faces in investigating terrible crimes.

7 5 cm per second.

Mangaka: Yukiko Seike.

Types of: Drama/Romantic.

Chapter: 11

Quick Pitch: Comics is a film that faithfully adapted Makoto Shinkai, but it does expand Takaki’s time in high school and focus on what Kanae feels about him. This addition does affect the second half. 5 cm per second. .

8 Angel Beats! : The Gate of Heaven.

Mangaka: Yuriko Asami.

Types of: Action/Comedy/Plot/Supernatural.

Chapter: 77

Quick Pitch: Heave’s door. Is a prequel to animation and explains how Hinata became the co-founder of Shinda Sekai Sensen. Even if it is a prequel, you should first watch the animation in order to fully play the role of the story.

What is your favorite animation to comic adaptation?